About Vinkaplant

Since its foundation in 1978, Vinkaplant B.V. has established a well-known position in the world of tropical plants.  Prior to its founding, the general manager, mr. Tino Hottinga, was the general manager of some leading nurseries and farms in Central America. This experience has played a key role in where Vinkaplant stands today. Today,  Vinkaplant B.V. is one of Holland’s leading companies in the import and export of tropical plants. It aims at delivering superior quality plants as well as offering an excellent service to its clients.

To make sure we can fulfill the needs of our clients, Vinkaplant understands the importance of controlling the process of the production of plants. Therefore, it runs its own nurseries and farms in Central America and Asia. It also has a business establishment in Costa Rica.  This in order to not only enable the purchase of the best plants at local farms, but also to facilitate means of transportation throughout the world. For more information about our nurseries and farms overseas, click here.

For more information about the more than 100 plant varieties Vinkaplant B.V. offers, click here.

We hope to do business together in the near future!