Our plantations

Vinkaplant B.V. strives to deliver plants to its clients which are of high quality. To bring this to realization, we at Vinkaplant decided it would be best to not be fully dependent of third parties. Therefore we chose to have our own plantations abroad. These plantations are managed by local people who each have years of experience in the field of plants and specifically with the plant which they grow.

We visit the plantations abroad on a regular basis to make sure everything goes according to plan. If necessary, we give advise and make adjustments in order to get to our number one priority: supplying superior plants to our clients!

Aside from our plantations abroad, we are of course also located in The Netherlands. You can find our office  and nursery in Aalsmeer. From our office in Aalsmeer we coordinate the orders and the logistics and make sure we provide an excellent service to and communication with our clients.

Aside from our own plantations, we also purchase plants from plantations in which we do not have a share. For example, we buy Yucca from Honduras, Coffea from El Salvador and Phoenix Roebelinii, different varieties of Sansevieria and Massangeana from Costa Rica. For more information about our assortment, click here.

For more information on our plantations abroad, click on the country of your interest.